Fan Anemometer FA-320

Fan Anemometer FA-320
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Wöhler FA 320 Fan Anemometer is a mobile, battery-driven measuring instrument for air speed, air volume, temperature and relative humidity. It is perfect to determine the air flow and the flow rate of ventilation systems. The large-scalegives smooth average readings.


Integrated flow averaging method for large ducts
Automatic calculation of air flow         
Hold function        
Selectable units         
Input of duct dimensions      
Min/max memory
Tripod connector


Air speed  :  0,3 to 35 m/s 
Air flow  :  0 to 99999 m³/s 
Temperature  :  -20 to 60 ?C 
R/H  :  0 to 100% RH 
Dew point  :  -68 to 70 ?C 
Wet bulb  :  -22 to 70 ?C 

Air speed  :  ±5% v.M 
Air flow  :  ±5% v.M 
Temperature  :  ±0.6?C 
R/H  :  ±3% RH (10 to 90% RH) 
         Otherwise 5% RH 
Air speed  :  0,1
Air flow  :  0,1 ( 0 to 9999,9) 
         1 (10000 to 99999) 
Temperature  :  0.1?C 
R/H  :  0.1% RF 
Dew point  :  0.1?C 
Wet Bulb  :  0.1?C 

Fan  :  170 x 77 x 40mm 
Instrument  :  175 x 70 x 33mm 

Batteries  :  4 x AAA (includes)

Ordering Information :
Wöhler FA 320, fan, 4 x AAA
batteries, plastic caarrying case


Measurement of air speed, temperature and 

humidity at the air nozzle        
Detection of air leaks         

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